Backup and Disaster Recovery



Backup and Disaster Recovery

At Bluecube ICT, we firmly believe that the core of your business relies on the data and information you have stored on your network. If you want to protect your business and ensure continuity, you definitely need to consider implementing a data backup and disaster recovery plan. Typically, businesses can choose between offline backups where the information is stored to a variety of storage devices and online backups where you can save the computer’s hard drive information to a secure online location.



 Possible reasons for loss of data include:

  • Hardware malfunction Software corruption.
  • Viruses Human error / accidental deletion.
  • Natural disasters such as fires and floods.
  • Theft of computers or storage devices.

The loss of business information and data may have a major negative impact on your business. Suddenly missing vital accounting information could cause serious financial loss or inability to control your operations. In addition to that, depending on the nature and sensitivity of the information you have stored, losing customers’ information could result in expensive litigation or loss of huge business accounts.

If you have experienced major data loss and did not have a backup system in place, we offer recovery services. We can work on the malfunctioning or damaged storage device and attempt to retrieve the missing / important information.

Bluecueb ICT offers a full backup service.  We will ensure that your business has the best solution implemented.  We only use trusted and proven technologies, tape drives, NAS devices and leading backup software.  Our technicians will manage your backups for your business and always store a backup of your backup off-site.