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Network Design

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A well designed IT network will undoubtedly be the driving force behind any modern business. If you want a network that grows and expands with the demands and needs of your business then you will need to have your business IT network professionally designed. At Bluecube ICT we professionally design and implement business computer networks that caters to the specific needs of the specific business in question.

Bluecube ICT offers IT network design for business computer systems that involves reviewing your existing IT infrastructure and components. The service ensures that your mobile, cloud computing, security features and general network features are designed professionally to ensure reliability, efficiency and expansion as required.

Bluecube ICT offers the following as part of their IT network design for business :

  • Set up for firewalls and browsing limitations.
  • Set up of safe and secure email servers.
  • Set up of reliable and secure web servers.
  • Set up and management of file and backup servers.
  • Anti-virus solutions for computers and other devices connecting to your network.